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Whose chosen mission?

The rabbit's not the captain, but it's understandable that one would double down on the joke that flatters one's ego.

Planning on blocking out the news because it disrupted equilibrium? Blocking out the results of assumptions made because it turns out those assumptions were based on faulty information; and making the decision to point the finger, not at oneself for making the assumptions or those who spread or conceal the information as they see fit, but at those who counter those assumptions? (Spelling mistake or the usual muckraking?)

This fallout is the result of that choice, from the Saigon rerun to the blowoffs both foreign and domestic.

Still don't want to hear that those chosen to make decisions are making bad decisions, so the only recourse available is to shout down those who continue to speak against those decisions. Feel free to follow the recommendations in the feed, the bread and circus of silicone, bangs, knockoff purses, and material to which I won't link and to whose extent I won't go. If anyone's going to get things back on track, it won't be the catastrophic Mr. Lomax. (And I wonder at the intoxicant that induced the choice of such a person.)

Adding this here because who's next under 豺狼 的 鞭?

Ending with this because - now that's built to swim!

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