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Why do those who are outwardly similar make such markedly different choices?

Is it because they can't be bothered to seek more than one source of news to inform their decision? (The second article lists percentages from different countries on the other side of the Rim. Something of a surprise to me - one guess why - though the sentiment prompted isn't enough to change my mind.)

Or is it because the outlet from which they receive their information still omits the other side of the equation? (Bit of a digression here - calling out both sides can still be done, and I'm embarrassed for any large, long-standing outlet that has the resources to do so, but for one reason or another, has forgotten how to. What, pray tell, qualifies as "adequately substantiated" over at Cable Opinion Network?)

Is the disconnect from these communities so long-standing that the person they're choosing is more in touch with their needs than the people with a blood tie to them? (This article, repeat though it is, is the nearest regional answer I've found for the choice his fellows made.)

To be fair, there's plenty out of touch on the opposition side as well - couldn't help but be moved by this woman who, if I'm paraphrasing her correctly, explicitly refused any favors from the people who caused the trouble she's reaming them out for. Good to know that, despite the folks who take things too far, there are still people like her who directly present a legitimate grievance to those responsible.

Loosely connected to my surprise about the regional numbers is the question of whether or not Pachamama slaps too - or is that an exclusively land-based deity?

Also, considering the increased reliance on the internet, it'll help to keep more than a weather eye on these topics.

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