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Why does everything look like pop music?

I have to emphasize just how much women in general are brought to the forefront in this study material. The structure of this fictional world is still distinctly patriarchal - with a period drama in this setting, what else could it be? - but it's very much a 'neck' sort of situation, and even the more prominent male characters are secondary. (Also, two fewer 角.) There's a movie with a - 毛子 is still the term that best fits the context - that had a combat unit comprised of women, similar to this ep, except the movie had them armed with spears instead of crossbows. (On guard, 豺狼.)

Huh. There are both crossbows and regular bows used in this story arc, so I wonder if one could estimate a time period more exactly using clothing and bow usage, since there seems to be a restriction on who can use crossbows. Or might one categorize this under 'so long as it sells to 我们 的 audience, mash together all the stuff because it doesn't need to make sense to anyone else?' And when did fingernail covers become a thing?

(Yay, archery in the background noise! Feudster's out of that, barely in my channel surfing, and a drip in my feed. Plus handy strengthening exercises and tools - drat, I can't read captions quickly enough to pick out anything more meaningful than 手. X 的 Y? 中 of 哪里?)

There's another regina series that came out around the same time where part of the story arc involved palace staff selling off knick-knacks to the public, though that series had far fewer episodes and was based on a well-documented historical figure. All I can figure out around this study material is character dialogue citations of historical events, which I can at least look up if I'm curious enough to double-check, but it still feels like they're only fictional characters crafted to fit into an airbrushed past. (Kinda like Western monarchy period dramas are now.)

At some point, one finds that all pop music sounds the same. (NSFW-ish.) I think I'm hitting that point with period dramas.

Ending there because it's funny.

Adding this reminder that it's early yet.

Adding this article, a compilation of several others, to ask - is the definition of extreme loose enough to lean as far left as Greg's leaned it the other way? Get enough of a constituency disgusted by a confirmed pattern of conceal (light show to 12:45-ish), spin, and just plain run out the door, and... like I said, it's early yet.

Adding this because I might not agree with the implication, but have some related coverage anyway.

Adding this to keep in mind - you chose him. Now to see what's next.

Adding this to wonder if concessions have ever been questioned for any reason.

Adding this for 河蟹.

僵尸兵员? Really? 分娩 NOW? (And why doesn't that IME work with caps, 微软?) Turns out there's a specific term for 斗蛐蛐. 医生 uh-oh upcoming? Oh, sweet summer child (天真? 轻信?), yes. Yeesh, 孪生兄弟方? Oh, 天真+轻信 meets 豺狼公主 with courtly skill at applying reading material.

Let's do this.

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