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Why look further than this?

Didn't have to look for this mouthpiece (time hasn't mellowed the 豺狼, it seems) - I'd say it's a safe bet that this 国's long-ago kindness was much appreciated, but the current 政权 has no claim to it. (There was another set of 汉字 for 'regime' I used earlier, I think from an article showing a protest sign from one of the autonomous zones, that I want to read back for; in the meantime, I wonder if 天朝 fits.)

Didn't have to look for articles tying that same 政权 to entertainment and politics either, as the connections have been evident for some time. (I wonder if the terms 'authoritarian' and 'fascist' are interchangeable here.)

There's more to the news cycle at the moment, of course, and sparklier stuff it is too; but any admonishment to move on from the topics further up in this post feels rather head-in-the-sand to me, and that's more of a mess than I'm inclined to accept.

(Bit of vocab: 尼泊尔).

On a brighter note, I'm still glad to hear that these folks have to resort to artificial voices for their intros (and more noticeably artificial ones they are too); I am glad to read that distance isn't quite the barrier to legislation they once thought.

(Adding this too, because I don't understand how the head of a news organization that openly permits - might I say encourages? - nepotism between a politician and a journalist could ever be seen as the protagonist in this scenario.)

(Fine, fine, getting back to required reading - all right, already. Yeesh.)

Ending with this because though the news is from overseas, it's still a cheerful thing to read.

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