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Why no Cat year?

There's a phrase used in this house, padungog-dungog, which is related to the word for "hearing" or "listening." Best I can translate it is, it's when two parties talk about a third, usually while that third party's listening, and usually while the first two know they're being overheard. The phrase can be used for situations that deliver compliments, or by one person muttering rather than a conversation, but the situations in which it's used usually consist of a rat move, which just might be appropriate in a Rat year.*

(To be fair, considering what a respected institution has had to apologize for lately, I'm wondering if they might have a point.)

But if the topic is about lost minds and disguises ripped off, I'd like to review a few examples. The video shows an interesting difference in tones, both between the responses to craft from two countries as well as the difference between two years ago and now. This one's a ripper as well. Or try this instance, or this, as a health organization begins an investigation that has been blocked for months. (I think I made some mention earlier about watching your swimmers, 男.)

There are too many eyes on this for me to be certain about its fit in the category of fallen disguises, since it could be taken either as a business distancing itself from its country of origin by hiring an executive from another country and having its HQ in a third, or just another means of infiltration. (Because the more the merrier, considering this and this.)

Insults and threats in foreign policy works about as well as badmouthing a girl when trying to exchange phone numbers, wolfies, so if the topic is meant to be contemptible hypocrites on this side of the Pacific, it's interesting to see how many of them collaborate with a foreign country, to the point of being on the payroll. And there's a selfish ugliness there that no amount of money, fad diets, plastic surgery, or hair dye can erase.

By all means, continue to make aggressive unfounded claims to territory as resistance rises on all fronts (I've two newer reasons to buck pink at this point in the rant). I've seen quiet mutterings of discontent build up over years into what it is now, and I've seen enough of an aggressor who's made the choice not to stand down.

I know what my choice is.

(That info source can be edited freely, huh? Funny how other sources still show that the term 'rat move' is appropriate in this context.)

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