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Will blue dye turn a yellow bird green?

What I see here is a writer's eagerness to denigrate a candidate resulting in applause for a statement with little backing made by a 熊 who regularly contradicts a spoken desire for peace with a buildup that speaks of war.* Though I've no question about his country's capacity to develop green energy technology, the most recent buildup in their power sources looks like it's going in the other direction. I read this as one of two things: just another 谎言-- cough, contradiction-- made by someone from whom 谎言-- cough, contradictions-- are expected, or that their development of green tech requires energy from fossil fuels in the period of time before that green tech is fully viable. (The latter is how the tech review article takes this development, if I'm reading that correctly.) Also, I wonder about other views on this tech, if people aren't too busy ignoring inconvenient science to further a narrative.

What's not to like about a statement that's either from the front end of a 小丑 or the back end of a 牛? (No wonder 熊 doesn't like clowns, if that's how the dictionary breaks down the hanzi for the unfunny sort.)

On a side note - looks like it's more than hashtags that are seeing some backsliding in a community so insistent on its free speech, but whose actions cause the fear that silences people among them. I'm thinking pushback against that is a good thing.

(I just wanted to add this - it isn't surprising news anymore, but it's another, more detailed view on how much of themselves they're willing to sell.)

(Another thing to add - I wonder if the increase in spending and the powerful lobby for the other direction will be dealt with in the way of The Cannon.)

*Still interested in appeasement? Because it sure looks like they aren't, going by these contradictions.

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