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Entertainment this weekend provided a light and a lift, even among news of not-your-houskeeper will be missed and protracted chatter that, were it not linked to drought, sounds like a topic one speaks of when reaching the far end of a list of possible topics.

Despite that lift, I hesitated to post this howler in part because it seemed more inflammatory than the usual and, considering the source, could easily be shouted down as biased. The social media account from which the post was archived and the page for the reporter who responded to the embassy's post both look like they check out, and coupled with a recollection on another embassy's social media contribution, underlines the view I hold that those who developed this standard operating procedure deserve all the pushback they get. (Speaking of pushback, I'm adding this here because I'm surprised that the person the article refers to openly holds this view.)

- *I agree with the title of this piece, as well as with its contents, and I'm aware that my answer counters, at least in part, the writer's intent in the text. However, I'd be remiss to let by the chance to highlight recent choice and current response. I won't post a link to other photographs on the issue, because they're horrifying as well as because my stance is unchanged by their publication.*

- Adding this because it's interesting information. I wonder about that firework of a maybe-cousin from further south, as well as how else this information could be used based on past news in the cycle.

- Ending with this because, like other initiatives using plants that provide feed for goats and chickens, or space for bee-friendly plants to grow, it's another fascinating option put into active use.

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