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For a minute or so, I'd forgotten about the sleepy chipmunk on another tab.

From what I understand, the conflict here is between the usage of the term 'woke' in a derogatory comment about a fictional family in what is stereotypically the land of the neon Pink's-a-color-too. The argument I'm seeing is that there's enough of an influx of people to make this fictional family reflective of current conditions. (TL, DR: it's not 'woke,' it's literally what your neighbors look like now.)

I've read the term in articles about the military and movies, where it was used to give a sense of inclusiveness, tolerance, adaptability - an awareness of and consideration for varying perspectives, and incorporating that awareness (aware, awake, woke) into everyday actions. If the speaker in this tweet defines himself using 'woke,' he's gone against the definition he sought to apply to himself. The speaker fits my definition of 'woke.'

Adding this because it looks like I'm not the only one "over it." The majority of the mess of the masses doesn't make it into screenshots or meme sweatshop compilations, and I don't see why one must log on to another social media platform to read the posts that do. (The example of my definition shown above, for one.)

Adding this because I wonder if I should add to my definition of 'woke' the making of irrational demands in the interests of certain perspectives.

Adding this because if you want to hold your proverbial breath for one, go for it.

Adding these articles because how much you wanna bet this ends up being a low-cost concession for a 兄弟 to make? I wouldn't put it past a 豺狼证券 upping PR by using a fratello it's brushed aside only recently, allowing a minimal complement of clerics even to someone whose level of risk or priority to them is a hair below astrology.

Ending with this because hah! Move a space, change the meaning applies to more than one language!

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