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Winter games

What's in play this season? Card games running out of -isms, or word games a la Mad Libs? My preferred course is, of course...

So if a male, in the course of his profession as a spy, has consensual sex with women, and in doing so furthers both his aim and that of his partner, that's somehow less offensive than a female doing the same?

So if a female, in the course of her profession as a journalist, has consensual sex with men, and in doing so furthers both her aim and that of her partner, that's somehow more offensive than a male doing the same?

So if a person, in the course of their profession as an actor/lawyer/model/politician/Zamboni operator, has consensual sex with another person, and in doing so furthers their aim and that of their partner, the amount of offense caused is different to when another person does the same? (How's the formatting? Everything alphabetical? Pronoun usage inoffensive enough?)

Entertaining oneself is, at this point, an appealing alternative to eyes on a trial whose outcome is more laughable than substantive, or on events that add 英国 and 德国 to the study list. Maybe I'll go with something buzzy, or just plain full of bees.**

**Credit where credit's due - I like books, whether they're actually full of bees or recommendations from a mad epiglottis surrounded by increasingly floppy fleshy bits.

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