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With thunderous applause

- This is the second separate news outlet that's tried to pull this mess. The only reason this isn't a second case of retconning is because it was caught in time. (Here, let me track a few articles on another issue just in case.)

Wait a second - "I have chills" is enough to get a person booted? There isn't enough information to determine whether those chills are Harry Hart or Hannibal Lecter. And while I'm talking about cannibalism, considering the other works in which this editor was involved, it looks to me like punishment came because "most of the criticism of her tweet came from conservatives" and not because of the editor's actual work. So what now, creating an opening for conservative criticism is grounds for dismissal? Do I get to call you snowflakes yet?

For people who are so invested in making the argument that their ideological opponents have been brainwashing or are brainwashed, they're providing prime material for a counter-claim*, and they sure aren't making any progress on these numbers.

* I've been choosing the conservative articles from this site for a while now, but the fact that they're willing to rip both sides speaks more to their capacity for balance than anything I've seen among the sickles in - I think it's been four admins now.

- Let me get something straight - it's acceptable to generate more debt, but not to keep a project that would have generated jobs within and across borders, maybe taken that debt down rather than up? It looks like the choice was made to sacrifice a neighbor's goodwill for an environmental agenda. Tough decision, and I'm not in a position to make that decision, but I'm leaning towards gratefulness for having chosen someone other than the person who chose this.

The peace that's sought will have a high price tag, and in more ways than one.

- Glad somebody's not affected by a 熊 兄弟 敌害's gag order. (Still there, 微软.) 熊 is bear. 兄弟 is brother. 敌害 is predator.

Ending this post with a bit of word nerdiness most welcome.

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