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Wonder if there's a BINGO card for this phenomenon.

Here's a card game that makes a difference - news from publications I would consider left, center, and right all show a common theme across the board here.

To paraphrase one cable network opinion writer, why can't the likes of these cable opinion networks understand that this refusal to change their behavior worsens their optics? Because they have fed lies for so long that the truth seems strange to them now. But this is the truth: the news broadcast variants are absolutely awful for such networks as these, even if the junction dwellers are too blind to see it.

Therefore, if I question any judgment made based on information from these broadcasts, do understand why I continue to take such judgments with a lamp-sized grain of salt. Or don't. (Huh. I wonder if any of those lamps have a sunset-sunrise feature.)

Keeping an eye on these developments, as per usual.

Ending with this because holy crap, how do you skritch that guy?

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