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Words vs. Reruns

Why is it that a radio broadcast is the first I've heard of a treaty that is apparently something of a huge deal? And why is it that, considering the differences these news sources showed in covering the same event, that there are those who don't understand the bias they display after spending so long in their particular fields? Then again, that might be the problem - getting blinkered by being too close to the work.

This blinkering is blatant in whose careless words are allowed to pass with little comment and whose get harped on. Celebrating those who exemplify the double standard is fine so long as it's on one's own side of the divide. Thing is, events like this seem like another bit of proof that there are those who speak the words 'empathy' and 'solidarity,' but their actions demonstrate that their claims of possessing those qualities don't hold water. Though I suppose it's easier to make those claims when local news and conservative outlets are more likely to speak of these events than larger news outlets.

And why does it seem like instances of small businesses getting shafted on that coast are becoming as much of a rerun as берегись этого чая?

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