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Both articles in this bit mention size as a specific factor, so despite the fascination with (and the entertainment built around) one neighbor, I'm curious whether there's more consideration that a less visible neighbor might allow for a more viable exoplanet over the long term. Entirely digressing - on to the point.

Difficulty is not sufficient reason to abandon what one deems important, and so I continue to read and collect articles such as this.

I continue with these articles that show those who push back, and articles that explain some reasons why (appeasement is still a term that chafes, as I agree it should in this case). I've yet to find a rhythm that would smooth out this process while incorporating other things I want to do, but the search does go on.

Ending with this because it might come in handy - though such a blend likely has been at least attempted, I wonder if there's a way to combine the cooling properties of these adaptable structures with those in natural honeycomb.

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