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Year out

I've well enough established on here that ! enjoy food shows. This particular day brings to mind once more a particular episode of a series that combined both East Asian history and food (and the host, if I remember correctly, has a martial arts background along with another food-related show). The episode featured a group of people under siege on a plateau which was well supplied and defended, but decided to celebrate one of its holidays in the middle of that siege (wine and revelry, the works). The besiegers broke the siege that day.

The host joined modern-day locals in commemorating that siege. It is in recollecting that episode that I'm inspired to add these links before the new year starts.

(Looking over the information I remember, I wonder if I've got the right host, but the idea behind that siege's still around.)

- Tell me again about "peaceful coexistence," bruh, where it looks like one of the cultural imports is shallowness.

- How much more feathering does that nest need for retirement? (Also, saying "we can’t afford to take our foot off the gas now" in today's request for political donations is absolutely hilarious in context). Amended to add that the bartender backlash is, I estimate, about shallow display countering what's professed.

Ending with this because tonight's a good night for it.

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