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Yeesh, how IME can tangle.

Huh. Heathrow's new. And unless I'm off on the tones, ye who still choose 金融家, what does 这是我的弟弟 have to do with tugs? And dude so off on the tones, I'm thinking you need 很 if you're gonna 拉交情.

Not new, this form of weaponization. (Backdrop alert, upcoming tech - I'm rooting harder for ad restrictions over seizures.) I might not be the one making the specific decision to use it in any instance; however, I think I'm OK with this one. Also rooting for eastward movement.

Tying this in for similarity - did the originators decide to go along with 金融家 again, or do those financiers have enough experience with knockoff designs to retool the story for their own audiences? (Feels like the answer's no, 微软.)

Adding these articles here for vocab 斯里兰卡 - considering who designed, built, and financed these 白象 projects, 你们说了什么, 豺狼政权? From the "general tone" the 德文 article picked up, 政权的国人 had a similar question to myself when I read news about stimulus packages closer by. Therefore, along with 买通 and 房市 (房地产交易市场), that's quite a weight there. 别想使前买通人人. (Oh, let me count the ways.)

As I have a look at study materials that communicate to their own versus polishing an image for outsiders, adding this to underline some of the reasons 豺狼 are so typecast. Seems the 幻想 has reached the point where 小白兔 means 掠夺者. (Hang on, 小白兔 could still mean 敌害.)

How could I forget this? Keep going!

Adding this because wow, it's the first I've seen that term for the hair toys in question (where are you, Raven?!). Despite everything, thanks.

Ending with this because I'm wondering about a lid. (Never mind - got it.)

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