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I last saw the analogy in this article as part of a comic strip collection, but didn't catch the link. It's certainly a pleasant face on a deeply flawed analogy, and reading about this facet of contemporary childhood education erases any surprise about the backlash it's received.

From what I read, this analogy addresses the wrong part of the argument entirely. Applying a bandage to a scraped elbow makes sense no matter what color that elbow happens to be. Applying a more intense remedy to a more severe injury makes sense no matter what color the injured person happens to be. Denying access to any remedy based on color is the problem, and every injury gets the remedy it needs. That's what stays the same for everyone, and that's the question of equality this analogy doesn't answer.

If resources (the bandages in the above case) are earmarked-reserved-set aside for a particular community, then it makes sense for people in that community to have exclusive access to those resources. I think I used myself as an example in an earlier post, and how it doesn't make sense for me to ask for access to resources in the UNCF.

Another example that comes to mind is, if I remember correctly, financial assistance to farmers - if it isn't specifically reserved, then I'm guessing access to that assistance is not dependent on color, and giving preferential treatment based on the color of the farmer is exactly the wrong that's meant to be made right.

I won't deny a person's hard work and intelligence applied to earn any level of education, but I do look at what results from that education. If this analogy is what's being spread through schools, then I say those who continue to protest this education are very much justified in doing so; and reading this sort of article in the news cycle once more feels like reading that line on 'Cold War mentality' - a repetition to make sure the point sticks in the narrative.

I think I'll continue to counter, even in this small way, any such repetition.

Ending with this link because I wonder if I'm correct in observing a similarity to this music around the first vid's Level 6.

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