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Yikes - comic book it is.

I find myself more somber than I might usually upon finding an article like this. There's the relative and self-declared pettiness in this article, despite the entertaining appropriateness of its title to the first one I linked to ("let us pretend" sounds like "let us keep the distorted view of reality"). Then there are these articles that portray a more definite example of that distortion - I'm thinking this oversimplification is too far in the opposite direction that this student took, but hadn't the Commonwealth begun replacing the empire since before the reign of the monarch in whose country he currently resides? (I also have a question on citizenship.)

The prestigious school on this side of the pond isn't an Ivy, and I have no information on the university to which the writer of the fanzine article belonged, but there's a commonality in the output of these schools. (Amended to add this response to the overseas article.)

- The implications in this article are something I've seen before; however, considering who's more likely to be afraid of catching COVID (and therefore more likely to mask up), looks like the tables have turned in a bit less than two years.

- If someone like this suffers red banner hill treatment despite what she's accomplished, why should I be surprised that such treatment would befall those less lofty? A reminder of two things, this - I'm glad I limit my social media use; and whatever beauty is, pink's got zip to do with it here.

- I'm also taking this article with a grain of salt, considering the reminder in this article of just how red banner hill came to be in the first place.

- Is this example of 重复 and 重复 and 重复 in relation to 惛耄?

- Ending with this because the technology in question has the capacity to tackle issues from energy to irrigation (I've counted four so far, but I'm guessing there's more to this than I can see).

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