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Yikes. That's a while.

It's a strange phenomenon to think of less than a week as a long span of time, but that's how it feels at the moment.

How does one develop the capacity to make decisions? More to the point, how does one develop that capacity when situations that require that capacity are systematically removed? It's a move from an administration that assumes its citizens lack that capacity, and erodes that capacity in them over time. I keep in mind recent instances where food, language, music, movies have been curtailed. It might be beneficial in the short term (if I remember correctly, the ban on mukbangs in particular came around at the same time as food shortages), but over the long term, it results in a society that has to outsource its propaganda film explosions and tech R&D.

I know it's starting to sound repetitive, but when I see it happening in two hemispheres, I'm okay with sounding like a bit of a broken record. It's one thing to encourage a good decision. It's quite another to mandate it.

Keeping an eye on this because I'm glad they're still around.

Ending with this because I'm plotting a menu.

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