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You watch what now?

Earlier, I heard on the radio a woman speaking about her flour business and the related issue of food security, which reminded me of one of my favorite adages. (Yes, I've posted this link before.)

Considering the business' location and the station on which the speaker's Q&A was broadcast, it's telling that between the options she mentioned about providing assistance for small and medium farmers, she ended up asking venture capitalists at the last bit of that interview.

Reading and listening to these news, looking at receipts and net weights - wondering about cookies, for that matter - and looking at the sources that have swung (back?) to these topics, comparing news networks of different leanings makes it seem like, for all their erudition, the people on one side are only just trying to catch up.

Speaking of food security - 十年不晚 - this hasn't stopped.

Keeping an eye on other reasons to keep studying languages. Vocab: 密克罗尼西亚, 所罗门群岛

Ending with this bit of aww. (Vi-sai-yan, not Vi-say-yan. Pronunciation is key.)

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