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Zoo or circus?

I'm sure there's an emoji for disbelief at a new example of the same foolishness, but I'd rather keep an eye on the hairless biped mess than look for the emoji.

Throwing one's prodigious weight around doesn't make a blatant wrong any less wrong, and calling a situation of one's own making a proxy conflict, especially when that one has created reason after reason after reason for other countries to counter it, makes that one look like a silly old 熊 with a weak argument. (Though considering these articles, maybe I should add that it looks like there's a bit less weight to throw around.)

Since parrots seem to be fluttering around my feed, I thought I'd add bears back into the menagerie. The dislike around those feathered beasts can't be related to their capacity to call out the odd criminal, can it? (Great hairdo, by the way. Hope it was worth it.)*

*Whoa - that sure sounds like shifting the blame onto a small business while being careless with their people's health. Is it really a good idea to have such a person as puppeteer?

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